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½Ã´µ²z¶W¤ÛªÅ¶¡ Wisley Space
¦Ñ¤Ò¤l ¤ôªê¶Ç Chinese Classic Comic From Hong Kong Old Master Q Magazine ¦Ñ¤Ò¤l ¤ôªê¶Ç ­»´ä

Children Literature

Reviews of ChildLit

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
Homepage of a very important journal of childlit. This site offer online edition of the journal for subscribers.
Booklist Home Page
American Library Association's Booklist magazine. For more than 90 years, Booklist has been the librarian's leading choice for reviews of the latest books and (more recently) electronic media.

Features 'editor's choice' and archive of past issues, you may search through the site for a specific title.

Educational resources on Children Literature

Children's Literature

¤]¦³·s®ÑÂIµû, ¦nÅýÁʮѫe¥ýÅ¥§O¤H«ç»ò»¡
Moral Values & Spirituality in Children's & Young Adults Literature
A simple site provides academic and helpful articles and bibliographies of children's and young adult books with study the value in education. Features teacher resources on how to teach Childlit and some academic paper discuss the values of Childlit.

Children Literature Web resources

Children's Literature
Loogootee Elementary West: General and Children Literature Sites
Children's Literature
It publishes a monthly newsletter of reviews, and also publishes bibliographies and other guides to children's literature. Site includes sample reviews and profiles of authors and illustrators. Features teaching materials and reviews.
Children's Literature Comprehensive Database: Login
A ChildLit database which collects information of bibliographies about childlit. You have to register and get a free trial subscription the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database, they also offer a special subscription for librarians.
CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide
A so much resourceful resource of ChildLit, from classic to contemporary. Links to all kinds of web resources and also links to some fulltext resources. It also host a discussion board which everybody can participate and discuss about ChildLit. They have a list of awards given to ChildLit.
ÅK ²î ªø ªº ¹Ú ·Q ³U
¸ê®Æ·¥Â×´Iªººô‾¸, ¥H±Ð¨|¬°¥»ªººô‾¸

°£¤F¦³¤¤¤å¨àµ£¤å¾Çªº‾À§÷, §ó¦³½×¤å, ¦³¤å¾Ç¬É®ø®§µ¥
Electronic Resources for Youth Services
A website that dedicate to young adults, children literature and librarians. Collection of huge resources that a teacher, parents and librarians needed to guide their children through the sea of the literature.
National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature
A quite academic resources on reviewing contemporary America Childlit. Features very detail evaluation of certain authors and their writings.

Search Engine for literature

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
his is the Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts, a collection of digital documents collected in the subject areas of English literature, American literature, and Western philosophy.

You can search through its database and read on the fulltext of the masterpiece, also you may download (text / PDF format) and print out at your side.

How to read


Reading text

Classics for Young People
Gopher for Electronic Children Book
It order by authors' name and you may read the full text through the screen. Unknown reason for deadlinks
Online Children's Stories
Features with fulltext of certain childlit. You may read Aesop's fables of Hans Anderson's stories as well as knowing the background much better through this site. Also features more recent collectionof contemporary childlit writers.
American Literary Classics -- A Chapter A Day
On this site, you can read a chapter of a choosen American Childlit title. Worth for busy people but still want to read something on literature.
µ£ ¸Ü ´J ¨¥ ¬G ¨Æ
Story Book 1999

Kid's Stuffs ¤pªB¤Í¥@¬É

Chibi Maruko Chan Äå®ç¤p¤Y¤l
Parent Soup: Baby Name Finder
Baby Names!
Children's Literature Web Guide


Anime Web Turnpike: Your #1 Guide to the Anime and Manga Internet World! Home Page - Welcome
doraemon in the Realms
Snoopy's Dog House
The Comic Strip
Welcome to the Smurfs' Official Site's Homepage
Creamy Mami's Homepage
Phantasy College-¤d¦~¤k¤ý
³ÁáM¤Ñ¦a - McMug's Pigsty
Åwªï¨ÓÁ{¥m¾´¦ÊÄ_³U []
King Features Syndicate - Comics
The Unofficial Looney Tunes World
Crayola * Crayola * Crayola * Crayola
ICONnect: KidsConnect
Josie Kids' World
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Philip's Kids world ­¸´¶¨àµ£¹q¸£¥@¬É
Simon's Playstation Site


Monopoly CD-ROM Home Page -- The Web Site for Families Home Page
Welcome to FamilyFun magazine's web site
PAZU ¨àºqºô - ³Ì¦h³Ì»ôªº¨àºqºô‾¸!

Library Resources ¹Ï®ÑÀ]¸ê·½

Newspaper ³ø‾Ȭ[

BIE-Papers Online Newspapers
Chinese Media Information¤¤°ê¤j³°³ø³¹
Far Eastern Economic Review Interactive Edition
Hong Kong Standard ­»´ä­^¤åªê³ø
I.T.Times ¸ê°T¬ì§Þ©P¥Z
Internet CNN Newsroom
Korean Central News Agency ¥_Áú³q°TªÀ
South China Morning «nµØ¦­³ø
©ú³ø Ming Pao Electronic News
­»´ä°Ó³ø HK Comercial Daily
Ä«ªG¤é³ø Apple Daily Online Newspaper

Librarians Resources

Library Media & PR
Library Clipart Collection
Librarians in the Movies -- An Annotated Filmography
Library Automation, Library Software, Library management systems: Biblio Tech Review

News Clippings Service

Personal NewsStand ¹q¤l³øÅu
§Y®É³ø¥Z¼ÐÃD‾Á¤Þ - ¥xÆW




K.T. Lam's WWW Personal Page
DIAKON Systems - Library Software
Chancery Software K-12 Administration and Library Software Products
Computers in Libraries '96 Home Page
Computers in Libraries '97 Preliminary Program
Contec Data Systems
DRA "Web Page"
Infonautics Corp. Institutional Marketing Home Page
Information about INNOPAC and Innovative Interfaces Inc.
Oryx Press Home Page
TCWORLD! Serving all technology coordinators and trainers
Welcome to Winnebago Software Company
Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine-Readable Cataloging
World Wide Web Displays of Bibliographic Records: An Evaluation
Libsoft: Software for Librarians List


"Building Blocks to Reading"
AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information
Book Garden Gallery
Book Stacks - Book of Days
Booklist Home Page
BookSite Homepage
BookWeb: Home Page
libHiTech.a - The Exclusive Electronic Computer Book Club
LION: Book Searches for School Librarians
Penguin USA
Peter Verheyen's Book Arts Web
The Children's Bookstore
The Bookstore
The On-line Books Page
Welcome To Left Hand Books
³Õ¾Ç°ó - ºô¤W¤¤¤å®Ñ©±
ÅÊ ®Ñ §{

Classification and cataloging ¤ÀÃþ½s¥Ø

¹q¸£¸É¥R¤ÀÃþªí - ¤¤°ê¹Ï®Ñ¤ÀÃþªk
Dewey Decimal Classification Home Page
LC MUMS Z39.50 Server
LC MUMS Z39.50 Server (EZ Search Form)
USMARC Formats
The Library of Congress Experimental Search System
AUTOCAT: List of Files
½s¥Ø¶é¦a¡E°ê®a¹Ï®ÑÀ] ½s¥Ø²Õ

Curriculum / Workshop

Internet Workshop
Internet-Based Projects
Library Media Specialist Evaluation Form


You can order books here through Internet
Jovian Bookshop ¤Ñ °ì Âà ®Ñ Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
BookWire - The First Place to Look for Book Information
³Õ¾Ç°ó Chinese Books Cyberstore
Rainbow Land Children BookStore ±m­i§{¨àµ£®Ñ©±

Internet in Library

Acceptable Use Policies
Nancy Everhart's Web Page Evaluation
Planet Troll Home Page
Resources for Web User Effectiveness
Welcome to the United Nations CyberSchoolBus

Librarianship ¹Ï®ÑÀ]¾Ç

Librarians and Library Science - Internet Resources from The Mining Co.

Libraries ¹Ï®ÑÀ] / ¹Ï®ÑÀ]¹ÎÅé

National Libraries

Taiwan Libraries Gopher
°ê®a¹Ï®ÑÀ]¥þ²y¸ê°Tºô ¡Ð ¸ê°T²Õ / NCL WWW
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page
BUBL UK: Libraries

Regional Libraries

Hong Kong Libraries
South Seas BUBL
Australian Libraries

Online Libraries / catalogs

The Michigan Electronic Library
Taiwan WWW VL
Remote Service fromNational Taiwan Library ¥xÆW°ê¥ß¹Ï®ÑÀ]»·¶ZªA°È
IPL The Internet Public Library
ANU - Online Chinese Libaries

Universities' Libraries

HKU Libraries
Univ. of Hong Kong DRAGON Web OPAC mainmenu

Public Libraries

Urban Council Public Library


Hong Kong University Press
Educational Resources Co., Ltd.
International Data Group
Macmillan Publishing USA
Ming Pao Holdings Limited
Random House, Inc.: Books@Random
Welcome to Merriam-Webster!
Computer Simplified Series
Computer Reference
°Ó°È¤å¤Æºô‾¸ CP E-Cultural Zone

Reading Resources

Sophie's World
No Dead Trees
The Short Story Page
Home Page

Reference Service

Britannica Online
Digital Libraries: Electronic Journal and Text Archives
Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources
Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects
Electronic Sources: APA Style of Citation
Encyberpedia by Monte Cristo
Library Reference Center Login
New Zealand Digital Library
Search ERIC
THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk
Welcome to Britannica Online
UMI: A Bell+Howell Company

School Library

K-12 Library
D-Lib Magazine
ICONnect: What is it?
Library Clipart Collection
Library/Information Science Resources
LION: Librarians Information Online Network -- A Resource for K-12 School Librarians
LM_NET On The Web
School Librarian Web Pages
School Libraries around the world
School Libraries on the Web: A Directory
School Library Hotspots
The BC Teacher-Librarians' Association
The Librarian's File Cabinet
Job Description : Library Media Specialist: New Milford
School Library Journal Online

Magazines Âø»x¬[

Christian Magazines

Overseas Campus Magazine

Computer Magazines

WebMaster Magazine
Multimedia Edition of PC World Magazine
StarZine Interactive ¬P ºô ¤¬ °Ê
ATV - PC Handbook
Homenet Web
IT Magazine
iWORLD: Internet News and Resources
PC home Online
PC home Online ¥xÆW
PC Home ­»´ä
PCWorld Hong Kong Online
The Dataphile Online

Curriculum links ¾Ç¬ì¦³Ãö

Discovery Online
NGS - National Geographic Online

Educational Magazines


Librarianship ¹Ï®ÑÀ]¾Ç

Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters
Reader's Choice Monthly
Taiwan Central Library News

Social-Economic Magazines

Asiaweek Home Page
Networld put Asiaweek Online
The Nineties Monthly
TIME World Wide Home Page
Welcome to Next Magazine ¡E ³ü ¶g ¥Z

Youth Magazines «C¤Ö¦~Âø»x

Breakthrough Junior ¬ð‾}¤Ö¦~
Breakthrough ¬ð‾}Âø»x
¶W‾Å«CÀY¤HÂø»x SuperChamp Magazine

Youth World «C¤Ö¦~ºô­¶

WebINK Online
­» ´ä ¤Ö ¦~ ºô ¥D ­¶ Netteens.Net Home Page
Uzone-youth virtual community
The Bush Blade's Cartoons
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