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View Chinese Characters under MS Windows 95/98

  • Chinese characters on the web has two different code system: Big-5 and GB.
  • Big-5 code is developed in Taiwan (ROC) and correspond with traditional Chinese characters.
  • GB code is developed in Mainland China (PRC) and correspond with simplified Chinese characters.
  • To view Big-5 code resources, you can use MS Windows 95/98 Traditional Chinese Version or MS Windows 95/98 (English Version) with a Big-5 code Chinese shell.
  • To view GB code resources, you can use MS Windows 95/98 Simplified Chinese Version, or MS Windows 95/98 (English Version) with a GB code Chinese shell.

View Chinese Characters under MS Windows NT/2000

  • to view Chinese in NT4 is very similar to the situation in 95/98 platform, the only difference is to choose the correct version of software.
  • on Win2000, if you have purchase the appropriate language pack, switching between different languages (eg. English and simplified Chinese) is just a few key work.

Some Chinese viewing software under Windows platform

The following table shows some Chinese shells, you may find the one suit your needs.

Shells Support Codes in Works with Win Available at Notes
GB Big5 HZ 95/98/ME NT
Chinese Star2.0+ Y N N Y N  Have the best GB display result.
NanJi Star Y Y Y Y Y Its new version 1.6 works from Win95 to WinNT 32-bit apps. Also read Japanese and Korean.
ChinesePro 5.01 Y Y Y Y N Its Website  
RichWin For Internet Y Y Y Y N One big file or smaller ones. Try their Web sites.  Very good auto-GB, BIG5 and HZ displays.
TwinBridge Y Y Y Y N  A stable system. Its recent release AsianViewer 1.0 can auto-display GB/HZ/BIG5 codes, please check its Web site.
Union Way Y Y Y Y Y Easy to setup, occasionally its uwtools.dll causes GPF. Also decodes Japanese and Korean.
To view CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) resources in Internet, you should choose a WWW browser that doesn't conflict with Chinese system, such as Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may also check those browser's web page for internal support of multilingual display. Recently, MSIE5.5 release an official simple add-on that enable the browser to directly view other languages.


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